This is Lucas

16425685_261008274334813_296549985_nComing of age is filled with angst and unanswered questions as we begin to grow both physically and mentally. Throughout this quest, we all scramble to discover more about ourselves in hopes to truly gain an understanding of who we are. The answer may not be initially obvious, but through time and experience an eventual awareness for ourselves will come.

Lucas ‘19, is a source of inspiration for those who have yet to reach self discovery. Lucas talked to TAKE about his experiences in finding himself along his transition from female to male.

Lucas knew from a young age that he didn’t identify as a girl. He knew “deep down inside there was always something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.” His parents would tell stories of him at a young age claiming that he was a boy, however other than that it was simply something he didn’t question at the time.

Several years later and through plenty of research and youtube videos, Lucas began to understand that he identified as a boy.

Since this discovery, Lucas has never been happier. “I feel like I’m still the same person and everyone treats me the same, only now I’m not hiding anything from anyone.”

He has served as a true role model for those trying to discover more about who they are. He wants everyone to be themselves, and hopes to inspire others to feel confident in their own skin.

Lucas has a very active presence on social media, discussing his latest steps along his transition.

“I know for me, I wished I had a role model to look up to and just be able to ask questions to. I think that if I can be myself and talk about what’s going on for me, then I can hopefully inspire others to do the same.”

Lucas has been very appreciative of everyones warm acceptance of him.

He has heard plenty of stories of kids transitioning at other schools who don’t get the opportunity to play on sports teams or use the bathroom they identify with.

Lucas thanks both high school principals for “doing an amazing job at just making me feel comfortable.”

The transition at ISKL has been a very positive experience, and Lucas is “really thankful that I get to go to this school and have all this love and support around me.”

“I feel like I’m still the same person and everyone treats me the same. Teachers are doing their best to say the right name and pronouns and same with all my friends.”

His advice for people that are trying to find themselves is both simple yet motivating,

“don’t let other people’s opinions pressure you into saying something or being someone that you’re not. Just be yourself and stay true no matter what.”