The Noodle Craze


All over the world, many students share the common dislike for their school’s lunches. While a handful of students in ISKL may agree, there are 2 dishes at Cheeku’s that have been amassing long lunch lines, and devoted customers.

More and more faculty and students are now associating Wednesdays with the popular dish, Crispy Yee Mee Noodles.

Ms. Sahari, a weekly purchaser of the Crispy Yee Mee noodles, captured the lovable taste. “It’s crispy, and then when it gets soaked in the egg soup it softens, and as you bite into it it’s semi-crunchy. And then the green vegetables add that energy into the bite, and then the soup, it’s just, you know it’s full of nutrition.”

As soon as you take a liking to the dish, what follows is a cycle where word spreads and others continue to fall in love with this meal. Mr. Hengstler is an example of this cycle, as he was introduced to the Crispy Yee Mee through Mrs. Hutterd, a self-proclaimed Crispy Yee Mee advocate. Both clearly, share an ardent passion for the dish as Mr. Hengstler described the experience of eating the noodles for the first time,

“it was like the light of God descended down upon me into the noodle bowl and enlightened me in the wise ways of Mrs. Hutterd.”

But this recent noodle craze has not only been centered on the Crispy Yee Mee noodles.

The Beef Pho, which is offered on Thursdays, is becoming the highlight of many people’s Thursdays. Tasha ‘19 first tried Pho when she moved to Vietnam from Malaysia stating that “all the Malaysians and even my friends there said you have to try the Pho. Which is a local dish, that was their main dish that they had for breakfast almost everyday.”

She noticed that ISKL’s Pho “tastes quite similar, they got the noodle part right and they got the beef and condiments right.”

Whether it be the famed Crispy Yee Mee noodles, or the rising star that is Beef Pho, students, faculty and alumni can agree that these decadent dishes will remain embedded in our bustling cafeteria for a very long time.