What’s Best for BTran?


Brandon ‘20, has been at ISKL for 3 years and was always known as a basketball player. But, this year Brandon chose swimming, leaving many people confused as he is a very passionate baller.

He has been a part of the U13 and U15 basketball team. Brandon believes that he could’ve contributed to the basketball team this year, saying, “I felt like maybe, I could’ve been a playmaking point guard”. Many people believed in Brandon’s basketball skills and he knows he could’ve made Junior Varsity or maybe even Varsity.

But this year swimming was the right choice for him. This may be Brandons last year at ISKL and he wanted to be on a varsity team and experience what it is like to represent ISKL at IASAS.


He only started training with the swim team in September and after many practices, he realized how different swimming was to other sports. “Swimming is just such a different sport itself, doing lap after lap, and early morning practices. I think it’s by far one of the most tiring sports for training and everything.”

To manage the many training sessions, Brandon had to set out goals on how to improve his time and get faster. “I’m going to have better work ethic, and you know hit the gym. Oh, also I needed to start eating healthy and go on a good diet because I had no stamina and was so out of shape.”

This year at IASAS 2017, as a Freshman Brandon got personal bests in all his events.

Deciding which sport to continue with will be hard for Brandon, as he wants to make sure he is making the right decision. “I just am going to think about which one I can get better at and really make a mark and excel.”