The Human Tunnels @ IASAS Swimming

Right before the finalists hit the water, supporters and spectators join together around the pool to make a tunnel, the swimmers run through the tunnel that stretches around the perimeter of the pool. The swimmers are then ready to begin their race and do the best they can to make their school proud.
Aaron Gray the swim coach for SAS was there for the first tunnel. He believes it was held at TAS in 2001. He added, “the pool was similar to this, it was really close, you almost had no choice, and so it just became a think.” According to Coach Gray the pool at Melawati campus is perfect for a tunnel because it’s nice and tight.
This 16 year old tradition at IASAS swimming makes this event that much more special, and definitely makes the event memorable.
May this tradition stay long and hype up many more swimmers before their races.