Team mum to IASAS Announcer overnight!

Many athletes competing in IASAS have lot’s of stress going into their competitions, but athletes aren’t the only ones with shaky nerves at these tournaments. Lot’s of people behind the scenes are working hard to ensure the tournament goes as smoothly as possible.

Take Lynette MacDonald for example. Ms.MacDonald was asked last minute about her soon to be role as the announcer for IASAS swimming. She is handling the nerves well, saying, “I’m not super stressed out about it, everyones been really helpful with helping me to pronounce the names of some of the swimmers who are here and particularly Mrs.Reza and her daughter Diane, who of course is a former swimmer here, they know so much about the organisation of this event so that made it quite stress free actually.”

Ms.MacDonald has enjoyed her experience so much that she says she would definitely do it again, adding “…it’s quite good fun, and it’s a really good way of being able to see the competition, while still helping a little bit on the side lines.”

Thanks for all your help Ms.MacDonald!