Melawati’s TAKE on IASAS



Whenever ISKL is elected to host an IASAS event, it is most commonly held in the Ampang campus. However, for this years IASAS swimming event, ISKL’s Melawati campus was given the chance to support the ISKL swimmers. Sitting on their school’s bleachers, the elementary students school spirit shone through their roaring cheers.

The students all had a common adjective to describe spectating the competition, “fun.” One particular fifth grade student, Nam, shared that the highlight of watching is, “to see people fight against each other in the race.”

A fellow fifth grade student, Malik, explained how he was grateful to be able to watch the IASAS swimming, because Melawati never has the privilege to watch the sport events. He felt happy that he could finally, “know who’s the fastest out of all the schools.”

But although all agreed that it is a blast to watch the swimmers, one elementary student, Silla, explained how she would prefer to remain in the audience than participate “because the swimmers that I have at my house, said it’s tiring and hard.”

Even a Melawati teacher, Mrs. Baker, agreed that this year’s IASAS swimming was a good chance for the kids to become “interested in swimming and fitness.” Adding how, her students have been out everyday supporting the swimmers, because it is rare that Melawati has the opportunity to watch an IASAS event.  

Mrs. Baker stressed the importance for letting young students watch an IASAS event as it, “builds awareness of healthy practices and living a healthy lifestyle,… and also bonding, you know, as a school through athletics with other schools.”