IASAS Spirited Swimmer Becomes Coach


It’s hard to miss Akiko Nagamine with her big smile. She’s a ISB alumni and a former IASAS swimmer returning to KL after several years, but now she returns as a coach. The highly spirited coach has always loved IASAS, she just can’t get enough of the IASAS feeling.

Ms. Nagamine swam for ISB during her 10th until 12th grade, and then later started working at ISB.  

When asked when and how she got into swimming she laughs and says she started when she was a toddler, continuing “My father put me in the water because he didn’t want me drown, I guess”.

Akiko had a quick answer when asked why she became a coach “Simply because I loved iasas”. She explains that since she started working at ISB, being a coach seemed just right because then she gets to re-experience IASAS more times after she graduated

The biggest difference between being a coach and a swimmer Ms. Nagamine comments on, saying “As a swimmer you have nerves, but you get the opportunity to swim it out while being a coach you don’t have option, so you’re just nervous the whole time. She continues jokingly saying it sucks, but reassures me that it is worth it.

IASAS will forever change and some traditions are new”  but Ms. Nagamine talks of her junior year here at Melawati racing.  “It’s just exactly the same, which is kind of freaky because it’s been a long time, but also at the same time it’s kinda nice because there’s very few things in the world that are still like really good, and stay the same, and I feel like IASAS is one of those things”.

Ms. Nagamine quickly looks at her watch and tells me she has to run, a race is about to start and she wouldn’t want to miss that for the world.