TAS Parents at IASAS Swimming 2017


The Taipei parents have to be one of the most dedicated at IASAS Swimming this year. They have really shown their Taipei pride as they cheer on their athletes. When asked what one of the Taipei parents thought was the best way to cheer on the team, he said, “I think the cheering by the poolside.”

The group of parents have started strong when cheering for the team and are very proud. One Taipei parent said, “I think our team is doing really well. They have really worked out hard and they have really done a lot of work outs and practiced a lot. I think they are going to do a great job.”

No distances will stop the TAS parents from supporting their kids. This year, as IASAS was hosted in Malaysia, the parents flew all the way here without hesitation. This just proves their love for the team. 

Well done parents and good luck to all the IASAS athletes competing!