IASAS Swimming – Its all about the Spirt


The first day of IASAS Swimming 2017 kicked off at the Melawati campus. With spectators and parents buzzing in the background, the swimmers started warming up. The 200m Girl’s freestyle began at 10:30am—marking the first event of the meet. As everyone waited between events, the swimmers were able to reflect on the day so far. The general atmosphere was lighthearted. Stephen ‘17 (TAS) says, “Swimming is such a social sport, and you spend most of your time getting to know people, and racing against them in the pool, so I think that’s really cool.”

Renee ‘20 (SAS) reflects, “It’s a 6 lane final, which I’m not too happy about, because it’s harder, and it makes everyone a lot more competitive. The small deck space can sometimes be a bit hard, but it’s good because you’re so close to the pool, and everyone’s close together, so you can cheer louder and louder.”

Despite the smaller poolside space, the swimmers aren’t letting it affect their time at IASAS. Michael ‘17 (ISM) adds, “It’s very unique, the facilities. But aside from that, I love the energy and the atmosphere.”

From the food trucks that line the Melawati entrance, and the friendly spirit, there are many notable aspects to this event.

For Henry ‘17 (ISM), this is also the largest crowd he has seen for IASAS Swimming in all four years.

Through the eyes of a first year IASAS participant, Thomas ‘19 (ISB) says, “It’s a good first impression. It’s a great atmosphere, and the team bonding experience is pretty great.”

All the best to the athletes in the next few days!