Oops, Sophomores Do It Again


Each grade have been hard at work for the past week, as a lip sync video battle has been underway. Challenged by the athletics council, the task was to include as many people in each grade as possible.

The 9th graders decided on the song Mundiya Tu Bache Ke by Punjabi MC, and while not many knew the words to the song, they incorporated their use of dance to create an entertaining dub that was ready to compete.

While the 11th graders gave it their all with their director and main star Liam, posing as Unkle Adams, with a lipsync of Original, by Unkle Adams, many criticised the video for not including a variety of students from the year group. The video still achieved the goal of being entertaining and lipsyncing all of the words.

The 12th graders, lipsyncing to AllStar by Smash Mouth gave it their all. They included as many as possible, even with cameos from Dr. Hudson, Mr. Farrington, Mr. Harwood and some of the canteen staff.

With loud cheers from high school and the final decision by Mr. Davidson and Nurse Cooper, the 10th graders were crowned the champions, with their well edited lipdub of Oops, I Did It Again by Britney Spears, directed and produced by Zafran. Including the majority of their grade, and lipsyncing the entire song, including the spoken word in the music video, their win was rightly deserved and a point was awarded to them in the Panther Cup.

Freshman Video

Sophomore Video – Winner


Junior Video


Senior Video