The 45th President


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The 20th of January marked the day American politics would irrevocably change at the hands of Donald Trump. The road to the white house for the 45th president elect has been a rocky one. The president’s campaign has been controversial, to say the least, with the election exposing a nation divided by the progressives and those who want to make ‘America great again.’

The inauguration celebrated the commencement of a 4 year term for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Trump was recognised as the first president inaugurated without any prior military or governmental service, as well as being the oldest and wealthiest leader. The theme for the day was ‘Uniquely America’ and reinforced the idea of a peaceful transition of power.

Trumps inauguration broke several records including the shortest inaugural speech (16 minutes) and the most religious benedictions and prayers (totalling at 6). The president’s speech took on a patriotic tone as Trump stressed the priority America would take over all other nations. He promised to put ‘America first’ and end ‘American carnage’.

There have been various conversations blowing up on social media about the amount of people that attended the inauguration. The Trump committee estimated 700,000 to 900,000 people to attend however the metro only reported 193,000 passengers riding to the inauguration.

There are stark differences between the amount of people that attended Obama’s inauguration compared to Trump’s inauguration highlighted by photographs. While the Trump administration is trying to proclaim this inauguration as the most popular, this does not coincide with metro or photographic records.

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The celebrities scheduled to perform at the ceremony are hardly comparable to the star power that Obama had gathered. Many artists were approached however most of them rejected the offers these include: Celine Dion, Elton John, KISS, and even Jennifer Holliday who had accepted and then pulled out, calling it a ‘lapse of judgement’.

Following the inauguration, protesters took to the streets to voice their outrage. A total of 217 protesters have been arrested for refusing to protest peacefully. There are also other activists leading the women’s march who are trying to fight for the rights of ‘second class citizens’.

Trump is officially in the oval office and now we wait to see what will unfold.