Syncing to Perfection


The theater was humming with energy as students waited for the second annual lip sync battle to begin. This lip sync marked the beginning of the Panther Cup, as each grade level began their fight for the grand prize of 1,500 RM.

A line of teachers filed onto the stage as star wars music began to play. This started off the assembly on a high note, as students laughed watching their teachers do choreography inspired by the famous movies.

The ninth grade representatives Mia and Arezu sang a passionate rendition of Adele’s Someone Like You. They inspired the crowd with their raw emotion.

Following the emotional performance, the Hengstler’s made the crowd swoon as they transformed into Sandy and Danny while lip syncing to “You’re the One that I Want” from Grease.

The sophomores had a fantastic performance from the very talented Zafran as he showed his moves in a rendition of Bruno Mars’ ‘Runaway Baby’. He finished his performance with an impressive moonwalk, making the crowd cheer in support!

Mr Johnson was up next, and recreated the Lion King’s “Be Prepared”. He took his performance to the next level as students carried him around the stage on a throne. Mr. Johnson never fails to give an entertaining performance, and he ended with the resounding sound of applause.

Liam, Omar, and Jai brought the heat as they performed a spicy rendition of Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” As the eventual winners, their performance was even better than last year’s as the trio reunited for their second time doing the lip sync battle together.

The seniors had big acts to follow, but nevertheless managed to maintain an entertaining performance as they channelled the Spice Girls. They finished with a bang, as Jonathan made a surprise appearance and, taking a cue from the juniors’, went for the classic move of taking his shirt off.

Last but not least, the lip sync battle was closed by the english teachers showing off their moves to Bruno Mars’ hit ‘24K Magic.’ They also included a surprise performer, as towards the end of the song Mr. Farrington made his way to center stage dressed to the nines in aviators and a fur vest.

As all grade levels each had strong performances, it seemed unclear who would emerge as victorious. They waited in anticipation for students to vote for their favorite. As student council finally revealed who had won, there was a gasp throughout the room. The results showed a tie between the sophomores and juniors. In the end, the ultimate winner was decided by whoever got the most support from the crowd. The unbiased junior student council ended up choosing Omar, Liam, and Jai as the winners, subsequently ending the second annual lip sync battle and the first official event of the Panther Cup.