A Chance to Display a Semesters Worth of Work


With the semester coming to a close, the High School Winter Concert premiered at the perfect time. It’s hard for parents or even fellow students to acknowledge the work and progress throughout the semester, but this concert is a display of the effort and passion students put into their music courses.

The night began and the theatre was filled with musicians springing with nerves and excitement. They did not want to ruin the whole year’s practice, as it was the one time they were able to have their work appreciated. Natalya ‘19, who is a singer for ISKL’s Chamber Choir group, summed up these pre-concert symptoms. “I’m excited! This is my first concert so it’s kind of nerve-wracking but I think it’ll be good.”

The concert featured band, choir, strings and amassed a large audience which filled the aisles of the theatre. The spectators were amazed and watched stunned at the students’ renditions of these different songs.

Some performances were even delivered with a twist. “I like to do things a bit differently. I decided to do a piece with electronic music and glow sticks, and it was kind of cool,” Mr. Miles on the High School Band’s delivery of “Light Outs”.

Mr. Cee, who teaches a variety of students involved in strings at the school, expressed his pride in all these young musicians.

“There is so much ability at this school, it’s a pleasure.”