Crafting a Career


One of the most monumental moments in your life comes when deciding which career you want to pursue. This can be extremely difficult, when you feel this is the beginnings to narrowing down the path to follow for the rest of your life.

Lorenzo Corsi, husband of one of our faculty chose pursuing a career in something he is passionate about after coming to Malaysia as a trailing spouse. Corsi, from Italy, is the owner of Craft Pizza, a charming artisan pizzeria on the ground floor of Great Eastern Mall adjacent to Cold Storage. This pizzeria opened around six months ago, and offers delicious sandwiches, breakfast foods, and ice cream in addition to authentic Italian pizza.

When asked what inspired Corsi to start up his business, he mentioned his “passion for artisanal work and for making pizza from scratch.” He enjoys “using his creativity” and the “challenge of opening in a foreign country.” Corsi comments that it’s a “big challenge understanding customers’ expectations and preferences” especially in  Kuala Lumpur, as it is a “very diverse city.”

Corsi has faced many hurdles throughout his quest to begin his business, as he spoke very limited english when he first arrived just shy of two years ago. This added to the difficulty he already faced at opening a business as a foreigner.

But the challenges did not stop. Corsi realistically notes that “starting a business means huge sacrifices.” This mostly includes “time away from family, unexpected setbacks, and financial ups and downs.”

At the end of the day, Corsi continues to find his work extremely rewarding. He loves to create new recipes and challenge himself in the kitchen. When asked what his favorite part about owning his own business, Corsi claimed it is always “when a customer compliments me on my food.”

Corsi has experienced both highs and lows throughout his journey to success in business. His advice for students is relatively simple, “you need to have a passion for whatever you are creating in order to justify sacrifices and challenges.”