The Art of Capoeira


Loud, aesthetic music and fluid movements attracted many students to the spectacular athletes performing Capoeira, during lunchtime on Tuesday, November 22nd in front of the Panther Hut.

The purpose of this performance was to advertise ISKL’s own Capoeira club and “to get more people engaged, as maybe lots of people are interested or curious,” club leader Victoria, ‘18, reports. This is so that “ISKL students have an opportunity to see it, as well as get more involved in the club that’s here in ISKL.”

Confused about what Capoeira is? Victoria clarifies that Capoeira is “a mixed martial art that also uses dance, and it originated in Brazil, specifically when African Slaves came over,” which developed when the slaves “came up with this mash up of a fight and a dance.”

The school club currently meets every Wednesday at 4:30 in the fitness room. Although they have already started since the beginning of September, anyone can join now or later on in the year, and they plan to keep the activity going on until the school ends in June.

“The cool thing about it is, that even though it is an activity that costs money, as we pay an instructor, the first class is free as a trial, to see if you want to invest your money in practicing Capoeira.” The cost of the Capoeira activity is 120 RM a month, and the the instructor has his own Capoeira school. In fact, it was his students who performed at ISKL.

Know that if you feel like you cannot participate, because you’re not super athletic or very flexible, “that’s totally okay, because anyone can do it. It doesn’t really matter your size or physical ability,” Victoria assures.

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