ISKL Students Become Computer Techies


ISKL has many courses that help each student figure out what they want to do after graduation. One of the courses that ISKL offers is Computer Science in the Modern World. It’s a new course this semester and shows students the interior and exterior parts of a basic desktop computer which include SSD cards, Wifi receivers and also a full functioning Windows 10. Jamie ‘17 explained “We got the parts from Mr. Frape and then put them together on our own”, in order to make their computer actually function.

After their computers are set up they create a successful website to sell an imaginative product. “We are doing a website in which we are selling a product to sell the website so that we can sell the computer.” Says Jamie ‘17. If the computers are sold, the class can earn up to 2,000rm per computer. To sell these websites, each student has to participate in a Tech Slam, Deeban ‘17 said “The tech slam is a 3 minute speech in which you bring people in to sell them your product and showing them what it can do”