Tales from the road – Turning Rubble Into Opportunities


On April 25th of 2015, the nation of Himalayan mountains and beautiful scenery, Nepal, was destroyed by an earthquake. This earthquake impacted many and left behind a country drowning in rubble. That year ISKL postponed its yearly G.A.P trips to Nepal, but they were reintroduced this year and students from different grade levels had the chance to help the people struck by this disaster.

When the Nepal Eco Stove trip visited the mountains of Pokhara, which were sprinkled with the homes of different families, the results of the earthquake were evident. As the students visited multiple different houses it was clear that there was still help needed. The state of the houses varied from cracks lining the walls to houses that were completely stolen by the earthquake and replaced by a small makeshift shack.

However the locals of the area had a plan to aid these families in dire situations, and I.S.K.L had the opportunity to help out. What first appeared a meaningless piece of land with 4 wooden sticks marking its perimeters, was actually land that was going to be used for a community center. A place where those who had lost their homes could seek refuge and shelter in, the two things the earthquake had swept away.

How our school left a mark was by working alongside the locals in clearing this piece of land and collecting the rocks so that they could be used in the future. As the hours passed the progress could be seen as the pile of rocks was visibly larger and the land was left with a flatter floor. The students spent two days helping out, and although they won’t be able to see what the community center looks like, they are proud of having helped the foundations of what will become a heroic location.

“I’m just glad to have been able to help, even if it was on a small scale, because this community center is going to help so many,” Anastasia ‘19.