Seniors Trade Textbooks for Chef Hats at Din Tai Fong


On Monday, 7th of November, twenty seniors took a small trip to Din Tai Fung at Pavilion. A session with their chefs was offered as part of Senior Week.

The students were taught the art of dumpling making, which provided them with a change of pace. They experimented in making xiao long bao, Din Tai Fung’s specialty. The chefs walked them through the entire process, from rolling the dough to folding the dumpling. Some were quickly able to pick up the skills needed to make a presentable dumpling while others took more time.

“I thought it was eye opening and so amazing how the chef can make the dumpling in literally one second while we struggled to make it,” revealed Veronica ’17.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and, by the end of the one hour, had enthusiastically made several red bean xiao long baos. Som­e even took home their dumplings to show off their newfound skills.

Ending the trip on a high note, the students and teachers that accompanied them enjoyed lunch made by the talented chefs. The trip to Din Tai Fung provided a much needed opportunity for seniors to take part in a fun, stress-relieving activity.