Award Ceremony Season 1 2016


Liam’18, getting his Silver at IASAS 2016

With first season now over it would make sense to have an award ceremony to celebrate how hard everyone has worked, and also how much time and dedication the students and coaches have put into their sport.

Mr. Ortiz mentioned that the Most Improved Player award was his favorite because the people who win this award have truly learned something from their sport, because they have failed multiple times, and then they have learned, and finally they have improved so they will on fail in the future.

This season we have had some amazing athleticism in football, volleyball and cross-country. The teams all performed well at IASAS, especially boys volleyball with their shiny bronze medal.

There were truly some remarkable moments during the ceremony too.  Mr. Hutterd walked up on stage with a long glamorous blond wig to become a part of the blondies of his boys soccer team

Taylor, ‘18, became this year’s MVP for girls soccer, she has some great words of wisdom for the future MVPs.

“You have to put in more work than average, if you wanna play at the most competitive level, then you have to train at the most competitive level. You gotta put more training outside what was just the season”

Mr. Weisert a former student at ISKl was brought up to stage to talk to the athletes about the benefits of doing sport and involving one’s self in something.

“The most important thing for young adults to learn is confidence, and understanding everything you can do and dealing with the pressures around everything.”

Varsity Boys Volleyball
MVP – Yun Ji Wong
MIP – Max Webster
Coaches Award – Liam Casey

Varsity Girls Volleyball

MVP – Melina Ankel
MIP – Riana Takase
Coaches Award – Sol Aguero

Boys Cross Country
MVP – Forest Harre
MIP – Konstantine VanThiel
Coaches Award – Quinten Dorleans

Girls Cross Country
MVP – India Cooper
MIP – Lily Wiesart
Coaches Award – Elena Ortiz

Varsity Boys Soccer
MVP – Gabriel LeGlohec
MIP – Charlton MacDonald – Butler
Coaches Award – Max Parker

Varsity Girls Soccer
MVP – Taylor Newbolt
MIP – Savanah Razzak
Coaches Lyndsey Creeger / Chiara deBrabrant

JV Boys Volleyball
MVP – Shea Busaidy
Most Improved – Carter Syrvalin
Coaches Award – Yemo Koo

JV Boys Soccer
MVP – Elvis Park
MIP – Atticus Cain
Coaches Award – Ali El Sarnagawy

JV GIRL Soccer
MVP – Jemma Hamzah
MIP – Fehma Zahid
Coaches Award – Erin Foudy

JV Girls Volleyball
MVP – Eliza Chang
Most Improved – Kayla Russel
Coaches Award – Sarah Kossler