IASAS: A Memory


The time goes on, indifferent to the sweat, blood and tears seeping into the roots that our cleats cling to. Our hearts beat ferociously and uncontrollably, wanting with every vein in our bodies to win. Our minds struggle to maintain focus. The air in our lungs seems to run away.

We take a single glance at the scoreboard disappointed but determined to persevere. So we run. We tackle. We fight. And we put our bodies wholeheartedly into the game. Time dwindles down. The sixty minutes that once seemed to last a lifetime fade before our eyes and we are faced with a score we wish we could take back. Feeling slowly returns to the muscles that had forgotten pain. We ache but that gets drowned out by an overwhelming sense of sadness. It’s a deep emotion, one that makes our hearts hurt.

The time stops, and the whistle blows.

We look around and see bruised, broken bodies struggling to keep their heads up high. As players walk off the field slowly, with heavy hearts, a single thought runs through everyone’s minds  ‘The last time’.

The final years of highschool come with a lot of ‘lasts’. As we finally allow ourselves to look at our teammates in the eyes, we realize that their eyes are stained with tears. Ones you too feel streaming untamed. We slowly gravitate towards each other and hold on, clasping onto their arms forming a long loopy circle. Everyone feels it. This undeniable feeling of utter disappointment and the knowledge that your team will never look the same. These are the people that you have spent countless hours of your life with, in times of both success and failure, and all at once the time you have spent together seems to slip through your fingers.

So let this be an open letter to the underclassmen. Hold on to these high school experiences, grasp onto them, tightly and savour every moment. The faces surrounding you are ones that may fade after your time in high school. IASAS is a memory that we will all reminisce about in years to come.

Remember the vivid sensations, winning with people you love, and also losing with them. The hours of training, and moments where you surprise yourself with your abilities. With less than two years to go, every single one of these memories counts. So hug your team mates that much harder, and enjoy the amazing opportunities.