From Real Grass to Astro Turf: How ISKL Has Evolved

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Over the past 50 years in which ISKL has welcomed students to learn and teachers to teach, it’s easy to say that a lot has changed. People have come and gone, but some have stuck around to see ISKL develop into the community it is now.

Mrs. Painter is a teacher who has seen ISKL grow in a variety of ways, since she first began teaching in December of 1982. Before she began her career at ISKL she came to know the school community through a Memorial Day picnic and she explains, “those days it was much more American, you know there was a big American group.” Then, when she joined ISKL she found the people to be very welcoming, which seems to be one thing that remains embedded within the school.

Some teachers have even studied at ISKL and after graduating returned to the community, Ms. Recter is one of these teachers. She arrived in the first grade, graduated here, and then moved back to KL because of her husband’s job. Now her three children will also be ISKL graduates. A major change to when she studied here is, “It is much bigger. My graduating class has 45 students in it, my daughters graduating class had 150 students in it.” She also shared that the community is “much more multicultural” now.

Both Mrs. Painter and Ms. Recter saw modifications in the requirements of the school. Ms. Recter said that, “I also think it’s much stricter than it was when I was a student.” Which Mrs. Painter similarly shared saying, “we’re very pressured at this school, and there’s so many demands that students have to get work done so quickly plus activities and everything.”

Mr. Long is another teacher who studied at ISKL, he recognizes that the facilities of ISKL have improved compared to when he arrived in 1997. Upon arriving, his first impression was that it was a big school with teachers who truly cared. After graduating, he was inspired by some teachers to help out around the school and in P.E classes, “just as we have many alumni’s doing the same now.”

In the times when Mr. Long studied at ISKL, the facilities were very different. The gym had no aircon, the climbing wall was right outside the fitness room, where the senior deck is now. “The lower field was real grass and was always muddy!”

These three teachers illustrate how ISKL is ever changing, which only leaves us to imagine the changes that will occur in the future revolving ISKL.