International Fest: A taste of each culture

interational-festThis Saturday, 15th of October, the International Fest brought together the 62 different cultures here at ISKL, to celebrate the diversity around us.

During this event, parents work hard to bring cultural food from all the over world, letting you taste a bit of every culture. From the freshmen deck, to the inside canteen and all the way to the swimming pool, stalls were packed with different food.

Although there were multiple activities happening all around school during the event, most people agreed that the highlight of the event was all the different cuisines.

“By sharing the food, which in a lot of cultures is really important, I think, we understand how other cultures eat and what is important to them,” the International Fest Coordinator Sue Robins explained.

But while parents and older siblings were enjoying the food, most of the younger kids preferred playing in the bouncy castles and taking part in the slip’n slide.

“I think it’s good that I can have fun here at the water slides, when my parents are up there doing things that I don’t think is as fun,” a third grader from Melawati expressed.

The International Fest is a great example of no matter where you’re from, and no matter how old you are, we’re all here together learning from each other.

“I think it’s important to understand other cultures. It brings us together as a community,” Sue Robins concluded.