A Trip to the Hair Salon


It is an ordinary day at ISKL, a horde of students make their way up the stairs, and you can’t help but notice 18 perfectly white heads in the crowd. This is no crazy coincidence. The varsity football team has taken the word commitment to a level many IASAS sports can only aspire to.

Gabi ‘18 the Varsity boys captain reveals how ‘The inspiration for our hair colour was the Romanian team during the world cup.’

Omar countered this by saying ‘the only inspiration we had was how JIS came to IASAS last year with a Mohawk, so we had to one up them and for whatever reason bleaching our hair blonde was what we came up with.’

The transition has faced adversity, as students and faculty alike struggle to see the merits in dramatically dying your hair. ‘Some reactions I’ve encountered is just staring. Us boys who have bleached simply don’t walk alone. It’s quite an uncomfortable feeling’ Omar provides an insider’s view having dyed his hair earlier this week.

Gabi on the contrary comments how ‘Many reactions have been positive to my surprise. However some of the faculty at our school believe this will lower ISKL’s reputation if we do not perform.’

While the reaction from students is all too predictable, what do the girlfriends think?

When asked how she felt Kennedy ‘17 jokingly said ‘wait who? I’m no longer able to identify him, so I don’t know how I feel.’ Regarding how this change has altered this relationship she says  ‘yeah, looking at him is like looking in the mirror. He’s trying too hard to look like me. Sorry Ben but we’ve already established who the better looking one is.’

Chiara the Varsity Girls captain is not too keen about Max’s hairstyle either. Going as far as proclaiming ‘October 14 2016 marks the end of our relationship.’ Most of the other girlfriends interviewed seemed to be on the same page.

Despite the backlash of criticism, the boys feel like their game has improved. Omar optimistically notes ‘Overall, I think going blonde has improved our chemistry on and off the pitch, even when I thought it wasn’t possible. Coming back from a game now, winning both by a large margin, I’d say it’s working out great.’

It seems like the boys were pretty firm in the measures they would take to ensure unity.  ‘I don’t think anyone had any doubts until you actually enter the the hair salon and the process begins. Let me tell you, regrets and doubts come flooding in.’ While the whole experience seems to have been pretty positive, when asked if Omar would do this again he responded with a curt ‘never again. Ever.’