Facebook: Plain Procrastination?


Our generation has been told that social media is the biggest time thief, and that we should stay away from it since it distracts us from doing our work. But would our school really be the same without social media?

Our student council has created Facebook groups for every grade 9-12, in order to give out important announcements that are happening on campus, as well as answer any questions that someone may have. The STUCO representatives are in charge of these pages, to allows students to ask any questions that might bothering them about school.

As well as answering important question and making announcements, some students post study guides and helpful advice for any upcoming tests. This creates a larger community atmosphere and while not always about academics, allows the grade to rely on each other if someone needs help.

“I think using the facebook page is really efficient because we’re able to spread and give out information and announcements really well,” student council member Kathleen, ‘19, expressed.

But do people really check facebook enough for us to rely on this is system? Well, when 10 random students in sophomore year got asked whether they check facebook or their school email most times a day, 8/10 said that they check facebook more.

Not only do we use social media to spread the news happening at our campus, we’re also using it to spread the word about our school to the world. One example of this is an organized event happening once a year at ISKL called TEDxISKL.

TED is famous for its spread of positivity, thinking and inspiring through speeches. The speeches that are given are easily shared via social media for those who could not attend the live shows. ISKL organises for inspirational people from in and around Malaysia to visit and share their ideas to the student body. These speeches can be found on social medias such as YouTube, where the channel that posts the speeches from ISKL, due to the fact that it’s in collaboration with the organisation, has over 4 million subscribers.

Social media also has a big impact on the marketing of our school. Even though our school still uses traditional ways of marketing, Chad Laws, marketing director here at ISKL, tells us how each method is considered and used when appropriate.

The reason for including social media as a big part of the marketing at our school is so that “we identify who our target audience is and what our marketing or communications objective is first. Only then will we decide which tactics (traditional, digital, social) we will employ to achieve those objectives.”

“The nature of sharing content that is inhering in social media also allows our messages to reach a larger audience, generating more awareness about what makes us unique in an increasingly competitive space.” Mr. Laws says.

Although social media has its downsides which include distracting us from our schoolwork, it also has a side to it that is very important to us students, and at the end of the day, ISKL.