Mitch Gilbert: True Underdog?


Mitch Gilbert ’13 is a racing driver born, raised and currently living in Malaysia. He is 22 years old and has lived in the UK and Italy before coming back to KL.

Mitch started 15 years ago in Go-Karting. “I didn’t really know what was going on, I just did it for the sake of doing it and I don’t know from then on you get hooked on to it then here I am 22 and been racing for 15 years.”

He left KL with his head held up high hoping to reach the F1 level. When he reached England, he raced in Formula Renault and continued up the ladder to F1.

After Formula Renault he went on to F3 then GP3. “I did GP3, which was just below F1 and A lot of the guys I raced with went up to F1 or had like a really big professional career so it was really good to race against them.”

However, just as Mitch was about to start living his dream, things started to go downhill for him. “2013 was just a bad experience but I learned from it but I mean the whole thing was bad. The team didn’t really get along, we just clashed all the time and every time we went to the track we would battle and would make us not want to go.”

Then in 2014, “I had a big crash that I nearly could’ve died in”. All this left Mitch wondering if racing was for him. 

But then he was able to put the pieces together and get his head right for his race.

In Sydney, Australia, Mitch came 1st back to back, “its been a long time coming,  I went on track and wanted to win and it’s been 4 years since winning so it’s like getting a monkey of your back then to win 2 on trot is amazing.”

He now has another battle to face in Singapore. Though he did sound confident going into it. “I have never been there before, racing on the streets on the back of F1, it’s pretty cool. Doing those races are pretty amazing and now that we are 2nd in the championship and now in Singapore I’m hoping i can take the lead and it’s just another stepping stone in my career and it’s opening some more doors for me.”