Jaymin Baird

From Charlottetown to the Dominican Republic to the International School of Kuala Lumpur, Mrs Baird, the new ISKL choir teacher, has come to teach us anything and everything about music so that we, as students, appreciate more our music.

Coming from her first ever overseas school, when asked to talk about the differences between ISKL and Carol Morgan School she said that ISKL is different to her old school in the sense that “it’s more international, more multicultural, little bit more open with the respect of people understanding more about other people’s cultures because there’s a more broad range of students” later she continues to talk more on the old school saying that Carol Morgan School was great because “students are very friendly and it’s a welcoming environment and great place to work, and a fantastic music program there and the kids were super into music.

Talking about school, she does have a specific type of schedule she follows when teaching her choir students. She mentioned she “wants to develop a broad musician, so in order to have a music who is, you know understands everything”. When asked her daily schedule would be she said “We would start with warm ups, 10 mins of warm ups, and stretches a little bit of theory work, probably work on 3-4 diff pieces that are diff styles, and working with sections separately and putting it all together.” She related her schedule with food and a whole meal. “Having a complete meal so maybe your veggies would be classical music, and you have your dessert, the pop songs. And each student is going to develop different skills and techniques.”

Something that sets Mrs Baird apart from other teachers is that she collects seaglass, as has been doing so for the past few years. She says she likes them because they are mostly worn out pieces of glass that were “smoothed out by water and rocks and get washed upon shore” Mrs Baird also mentioned that she and her mother “like to collect sea glass and I have made some jewelry with my mother in the past.” She explained how she does her jewelry as well “we kind of drill the holes with pendants”. Considering she has done this for a while now, she “like to find those in different places of the world” and considered it one of her hobbies, as well as baking, reading and also biking, but mentioned that “it’s hard to do it here in Malaysia”. She also considers hanging out with friends as a hobbie. “My husband and i love having people over to our places and cook meals and do that, going out to eat sorta with friends.”