Slyvain Jacques

This year, ISKL’s long list of kind, passionate teachers extends. With experience doubling the lifetime of most students in high school, Mr. Sylvain is more than qualified as a French teacher. He approaches this new year humbly remarking “ I have been teaching for 33 years and I have been learning for 33 years.” His bubbly personality was hard to miss–in fact throughout the interview it was hard to catch a glimpse of Mr. Sylvain not smiling.
While very focused on his teaching style and method– he is invested in fostering interdependent relationships with students. ”Teaching is one part but you also have to connect to your students, because when that connection happens that’s when the learning happens.”

His excitement for teaching mimics that of his excitement about Malaysia; he explains how Malaysia was a relatively swift transition due to his adventurous love for travelling. Visiting some place new means “Meeting people, it’s all about people for me.”
He hopes to continue exploring after his retirement–mentioning “travelling is like snapshots you go visit you eat this and go there. And when you live here everything becomes mellow because you have more time and you can slow down.”

Despite his short introduction to his new environment Mr. Sylvain has already fallen in love with the country and the school.

Admiring its strong sense of community “Am I crazy? or do you really feel it.”