Patricia Podorsek

Ms. Podorsek was a humanities teacher for the 8th grade but she’s like the other normal 8th grade humanities teachers. “So for 4 years I was teaching middle school humanities in 8th grade and I also was teaching classes like media literacy, drama, film studies and some others.” She is nothing like the other teachers, instead she got to explore the media’s stereotypes and how it affects young teenagers like us today but she was also able to teach a normal class like humanities. Ms. Podorsek taught humanities for 4 years and has decided to come over to the high school. However her position now doesn’t only just work with the high school but “It’s middle school and high school and my position is called teaching and learning coordinator and what it means is that instead of working with students on a daily basis and I’ll be working with teachers on a daily basis. There’s about 140 teachers between the middle school and high school and really I just help them and support them be better teachers so that students learn better.”
Ms. Podorsek also has 2 kids in ISKL, a daughter and a son. Her daughter is in 12th grade and her son is in 10th grade. With her daughter at her last year at ISKL and last year at school, Ms. Podorsek said that she will be both happy and sad, “I’m really excited at the possibilities that seem to be opening for her, she’s been quite a good student and she’s looking at some really exciting College for next year and talking about what kind of direction for life and it’s a part of those conversations but of course I’m also a little bit sad that she will be gone in a year.” Her son also in 10th grade starting to get close to 12th grade as well she is thankful that “there is still 3 years left home with him so that’s really great and I’m so looking forward to 3 years with him play sports and school it’s kinda nice to see him around the high school also.” With both her kids almost finishing school, Ms. Podorsek will have quite a journey in front of her, stating, “So with Evan being still in 10th grade it will be at least another 3 years at ISKL but who knows? We’ve been happy in Malaysia and ISKL has been good to us and so has the community so it could be that we stay here even longer than that.”
Ms. Podorsek is a very caring teacher and loves to work with students but also the teachers. She strives for them to get better at what they are at.