Jon Nelson

Jonathan Nelson is originally from Montana, but moved to ISKL from Seattle to teach Film, English, and TOK. When asked about his family, he beams with pride over his wife, Tiana Nelson, who teaches MS Spanish, and his two daughters, Eva and Maia. His passion for film and literature is evidently rubbing off on his children, who are fans of Star Wars and Harry Potter. Mr. Nelson himself is an ardent fan of Alfred Hitchcock, and his masterful ability to manipulate an audience. His love for film started in high school, when he was exposed to the greats, such as Francis Ford Coppola and Sam Peckinpah. Blown away from the sheer magnitude of the world of film, he pursued a career in teaching film and literature. His other interests includes baseball (particularly the franchises in Seattle) and the outdoors.

This is not the first time overseas for Mr. Nelson. His family lived in Seoul years ago, but after they returned to the US, they decided to head out overseas once again. When asked of his reasoning behind this, Mr. Nelson exclaimed, “Oh just because the world is big! And there’s a lot to see, and it’s important for us to raise our children in a place where they can know all different kinds of people, and different kinds of places, and have a better perspective. Much like students here…” Already, the Nelsons have assimilated themselves into Malaysian society. From embracing the haze and the weather, to indulging in Malaysian delicacies such as nasi lemak and kuey teow. A few of Mr. Nelson’s goals in KL are to “get excited about badminton” and to “have different fried chickens”, just to compare it to the fried chicken in other cuisines. We wish him luck on his journey to the best fried chicken and welcome him to the ISKL community!