Jasmine Brawn

Jasmine Brawn is no stranger to ISKL’s community. Being Mr. Brawn’s wife and her children being elementary school students here, Mrs. Brawn was already an integral part of the ISKL. Now, she’s a teacher here. Do not be confused, however, because she is not to be identified by those two aspects of her. Jasmine Brawn is a lady of many interests. Speaking with bright eyes and an even tone, she proves herself to be a woman of experiences that the common layman could not even comprehend.

Her adventuring is nothing short of astounding. When asked what she has done, she replied, “An Everest base camp trek,” almost nonchalantly. It was as if Mrs. Brawn’s trip to Everest was not as remarkable as anybody else would think. However, do not let that take away from her boundless enthusiasm as she spoke with nothing less than a suppressed excitement. It is simple for her. Adventuring to her, is, she said, “Going to places we’ve never been.”

Then again, this amazing woman never ceases to amaze as she intertwined another passion in her life with adventuring. Social entrepreneurship. To her, going to Annapurna and Pokhara, is another opportunity to facilitate her social entrepreneurship – not taking away from her adventuring. “So, when I bring people there, then I get them involved in some sort of project while or before we go on our trek,” she says. “It creates a ripple effect,” exemplifying that she is looking towards the future when it comes to helping people in more impoverished places.

With all of that crazy adventuring, Mrs. Brawn still learns to appreciate the surroundings she lives in. Having lived in the Middle East for a long time, she compares Malaysia to them saying, “If I’m talking about Abu Dhabi and Egypt, it has that crazy culture of Egypt where you can get involved in that local life – the local scene – but you can also escape it to the mall downtown where it’s very new and shiny and bright and clean which is very much like Abu Dhabi. For me, it has the best of both those places.” Clearly, the amount of travelling has made no dents on her ability to love the places she has been to and even enjoy it right here in Malaysia.

As such, Mrs. Jasmine Brawn was nothing short of a unique woman with unique ideals in a unique setting she has created for herself. Though, Mrs. Brawn is not one to admit she knows everything. When asked whether she could beat a guy in an arm wrestle, she answered with a cool, “I don’t know!”