Mr Farrow

A new addition to the Counselling Department is Tim Farrow. Originally hailing from Michigan, he is the new psychologist for both middle school and high school. Psychologists are usually the unsung heroes of the school—most of their work is behind the scenes, as they determine what support students need for their learning, and their general mental health (now you know where to go during exam season!). His interest in psychology emerged in his sophomore year of university, and has grown into an incredibly rewarding career that lets him connect with his students. He says, “The relationship is really what you give to each other, and that’s important. But I think as a starting point, just having the title of psychologist, people just start coming to you, and trust you with things.”
Outside of his office, Mr. Farrow is passionate about activities such as volleyball, soccer, hiking, and especially rugby. He has previous experience coaching rugby in the US, and hopes to continue that in ISKL. Additionally, he has a penchant for exploring and is no stranger to travelling. He has been to grand places like Argentina, Hungary, Thailand, and Mexico.
Mr. Farrow’s thirst for adventure is what brought him to Malaysia along with his fiancé, Janelle Maxson, who works as a middle school counselor. Although it was initially hard to adjust from the rolling mountains of Colorado to the concrete jungle of KL, they have settled in well. From visiting Cameron Highlands and Langkawi, to trying out vegetarian Asam Laksa, the two have already immersed themselves in the culture and diversity that the country has to offer.