Jeff Harwood

You may know him as Jeff number two, the new person in the office, or just the new vice principal, but for those that don’t know, this is Mr. Harwood. At the beginning of the new school year, he moved from Morocco to ISKL, with his wife and cats. He described his excitement about the change of climate, and the whole new culture and food Malaysia has to offer and while not having a favourite Malaysian delicacy yet, he happily said that he “hasn’t had a bad meal yet,” but is “very worried about gaining a whole bunch of weight.” Upon meeting Mr. Harwood, there is an immediate air of friendliness and ease, where his want to get to know a student and learn about them as an individual is what really set him apart from others, especially when faced with an entirely new environment. He and Mrs. Harwood enjoy running and cycling, and look forward to being able to do that in nature, even when “the humidity and the heat is something to get used to.” What becomes apparent very quickly when talking to Mr. Harwood, is that he is just a very nice person. He describes his role in the school “a support for the community” for everyone in ISKL alike, where he hopes to help anyone that may need him. In his spare time, he enjoys making sound collages, where you take clips of sounds and music, and “just make something out of that.” He says that “it’s fun, and a way better way to spend your time.” The ISKL community has warmly welcomed Mr. Harwood, and we hope that he enjoys Malaysia and ISKL as he gets accustomed to everything.