Tina Casey

If you are a member of the ISKL community, running into Tina Casey is inevitable. A friendly face to many, she is involved in a wide range of activities from coaching track and field to teaching middle school drama. This school year, she transitioned to grade nine english, commenting on how she didn’t realize this change “would be as difficult as it is.” She jokingly admitted, “I didn’t even know where half of the rooms were actually on the third floor.” As much as she enjoyed teaching middle school, she looks forward to being able to “see some learning over a whole year”, as opposed to previous years where she would only have students for trimesters at a time.
Flashing back to Ms. Casey’s youth, she “used to line my teddy bears and dolls up and pretend I was their teacher.” She felt as if teaching was her “destiny” and just something she’s “always, always wanted to do.”
A mission of Ms. Casey’s is to help students in every way that she possibly can. Participating in a variety of activities that surpass simply the classroom, she reflects upon her purpose behind teaching students: “I want them to be smarter. If I’m coaching them I want them to be better at the sport that I’m coaching them in. If I’m directing them I want them to be better at that.”
ISKL to Ms. Casey is “this weird place where I see all these amazing kids who are ready to learn and to participate and to do things.” Having taught at this school for seven years, she feels a connection with the students, and truly believes that it is a “magical place”.
Ms. Casey doesn’t want to take life too seriously, and shares that mentality with her students, saying “when we can both share some light moment and have a laugh about it, those always make me feel good.” Her advice for students in high school is to simply take a step back and “slow down, don’t try to figure everything out at once.”