Patrick Frape

Mr. Frape teaches Computer Science and Robotics in High School. Normally one envisions IT professionals as being all geeky and nerdy having no other interests. Mr Frape, surprisingly breaks the stereotypical mould. He has numerous interests and plays Tennis and coaches the High School Varsity team.
Mr. Frape is not new to KL, in fact, this is his 8th year here. Having said that however, it is his first year teaching in High School. While he prefers teaching older kids as one “can have a conversation with them” he does miss the innocent and sweet young children at Melawati.
When asked whether he was married, Mr Frape jokingly responded “Next” question. He eventually confessed that he has been married for 10 years and has two kids aged 5 years and 1 ½ years old. After the kids were born, he and his wife decided to stay long term in KL as it is difficult to move around with young children. Staying in Malaysia was an easy choice to make. He mentioned that what he loves most about Malaysia are the people. “They are so nice and forgiving and also kind of formal in a very nice way. I think the people here are very nice.”
Mr. Frape’s most memorable holiday was with his wife and him travelled to Italy. This was before their kids were born. “My wife and I went and drove around Italy for six weeks. We drove around the country side with a GPS and um sampling the food and the wine- it was wonderful.” This December, he has plans to go to Australia with his family.
Mr. Frape strikes me as a teacher with a sense of humour, kind and sporty.