Celia Cookson

Life is like a book. When you open up a new chapter in life, you sadly have to close another one. We all know how closing a long chapter in our life can be hard, and Ms Cookson tells us about hers: “I was in Dubai for 11 years, and I really miss it, I’m not gonna lie. I am so homesick for it”. But on a more positive note, when you open your new chapter, you get new experiences and surprises. But what makes you take that step? According to Ms Cookson, when you get approached for new jobs and opportunities, you should do your “homework”, to see if it would suit you. “I did my homework on this school. And they did their homework on me”, Ms Cookson explained. “I knew that this was a really good place to be. So I made that decision.”

Transitioning from one workplace to another is never easy, and ever since she moved from Dubai, things has been very busy. “When I came from my other job I finished in the end of June. Last day was 30th of June and I started at the 22nd of July. So all I’ve had is moving house”, Ms Cookson explained, “but I have to say it’s probably one of the, I think it is the nicest schools I’ve walked into from a community perspective”, Ms Cookson continued, “it really is the nicest and most welcoming environment I’ve ever gone into.”

Although teaching science sounds very fun, Ms Cookson has a passions outside of teaching, and one of these passions is acting. “I do stage and quite a lot of theatre and I’ve done film as well. I’m a method actor, if you know what that means. So I don’t imagine, I remember”, Ms Cookson addressed. Another passion of hers is writing, and she tells us that she writes both short plays and novels.

When it comes to science, Cookson explained: “It teaches you how to think.” “When you go into a job, any role of a job you do, you’re gonna have to problem solve, you’re gonna have to think, you’re gonna have to plan something, carry it out, analyse it, conclude on it, evaluate it and then move forward.”