Emily Besley

Ms. Besley is new to ISKL and although she is sort of new to teaching High School, she is not new to teaching. “I’m traditionally a middle school teacher …it’s just going to take a while for me to settle in into teaching high school”.
Before she received her masters of education, Ms. Besley taught english in Organ as a second language. From college, she has a masters in creative writing and teaching, and a bachelor’s in Math.
Ms. Besley is the second youngest child in a family with a total of 5 daughters.
Initially, Ms. Besley wanted to make a living selling poems but realised it wasn’t ideal for paying bills and isn’t a super stable career, but teaching was. She has always loved math, is generally good in that area and loves children, “it seemed like the perfect combination.”
Before coming to Malaysia, Ms. Besley lived in Thailand, a place she considers her second home, where she got married and where she’s lived for more than 10 years.