Arty Seniors Visit STPI Singapore


The IB Art Retreat kicked off on the 1st of September at the STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery in Singapore. This was the third year of this retreat.

STPI was huge in comparison to our art studio in ISKL. The first floor was just the printing area with some other small workplaces and the basement was where the fun was at. A lithography machine, a screen printing machine, any other machine anyone in the art industry could think of was there in front of our eyes, it was a dream come true for artists.

The groups were divided by Screen Printing (how t-shirt designs are made) and Etching (scratching on a metal plate and painting it like a stamp).

Jessica ‘17 thought the first day “long but very educational and instructive”

Some highlights of the day, according to the students, were “lunch, i was so hungry” Alvin ‘17,

“Finally getting the etching sketch done and start printing” Farrah ‘17.

The studio work was getting done faster as time passed and many of the seniors thought “it’s really time consuming and we can’t sit down or else we won’t be able to see the lights”

Etching by far was the hardest out of both. The seniors had to actually draw their design rather than printing off a photo or a sketch to copy onto a screen.

Saturday was the most stressful day for everyone. In the beginning they all scrambled to get the pieces together and start printing faster. Instead of having the whole day to print, they had just a half day and were supposed to be done by 3pm.

Everyone was scared and trying to get their work ready to take home, drying it, painting it, printing it. As they all came to a finish, one student was still working hard on his project to make it perfect. Since they were all done, the seniors started helping to keep the student from being stressed even more about his piece. By 3pm everyone was done, and we cleared our tables and said goodbye to everyone at STPI and parted our ways.