Queensland State meets ISKL Volleyball


The Queensland state volleyball team is in ISKL for the Twin Towers Volleyball Tournament for the second time. Having already played one game against ISKL on Tuesday, they are preparing for the annual tournament this weekend.

The state team beat ISKL boys’ and girls’ in straight sets, 3-0 and 3-0.

This weekend they will also play the Selangor Volleyball team, KLAVA, OSVT, Chong Hwa and MBSA at the Ampang campus.

According to Mr. Brawn, “Ron McKay who runs the program, worked with Mr. Cheng many, many years in Australia.” He went on to say that “they usually go to New Zealand for their tune-up tournament but it fell through.” So, they came to ISKL instead.

Ms. Lam, the ISKL girls’ volleyball team commented that, “they are very nice people” and almost all their players are “a head taller than our girls.”

From the bench to the court, our players have only praises for their opponents. The boys’ captain Yun Jie said, “They definitely put a lot of pressure on us. They forced us to make a lot of errors which is good for us and we are very excited to play against them.”

The girls team captain, Sol says, “this is the best we have ever played against them” and “all of them could hit on their team even the libero.”

Catch them verse ISKL Girls, 4.30 pm and ISKL Boys, 5:45pm Friday. See the bulletin for other game times too.