Colorful Celebration of Independence

Support staff photo

Support staff photo

Many ISKL’s support staff members have dressed in colorful traditional dress today.

They bring this small part of their culture to the school, on this day every year to celebrate a special holiday for the Malaysian people.

31st of August, is Merdeka day (Malaysian Independence Day).

“Malaysia is made up of three main races; Malays, Chinese, and Indians” says Ms. Victor, the secretary to the high school principal.

“Each race is under the Malaysian Umbrella.” The day symbolises the idea of ‘One Malaysia.’

As a citizen of Malaysia, no matter what race you are you can wear any of the three traditional costumes . For example, if you’re Indian, you can wear a Malay costume, or if you’re Malay you can wear a Chinese costume.

On the 31st of August, 1957, Malaysian independence was officially declared. Now, every independence day, ISKL support staff dress in these beautiful costumes in order to symbolises they are part of One Malaysia.