Junior Year Challenged

Junior Spirit day

Junior Spirit day

Junior class students were relieved to have a break from classes and stress as they filed into the indoor canteen to begin their first spirit day of the year.

Dressed up in their respective blue class colors, students were supportive in cheering on their class representatives. After a tight round of the classic popcorn throw challenge, at which partners tried to throw the most popcorn into each others mouth, one group emerged victorious – Spandana and Aryaan, ending with an impressive score of twenty six.

The pressure was on as partnerships desperately tried to get into the groove of throwing and catching popcorn. Dallas and Maddy were tough competition, unfortunately falling short just a couple of kernels behind Spandana and Aryaan. Maddy claims that the competition was rigged,

“Dallas and I were counting, and we definitely in the lead. Thanks to Henry, we fell short. Sometime in the future, we need to have a rematch. I think Dallas and I would easily win!”

Not all groups were able to keep up as tightly with the victors. Alejandra and Yamen ended with a score of six, definitely last in the running, however still giving the competition their best shot. Despite not winning the popcorn competition, there was a unanimous agreement that they would have won had there been a cutest couple competition.

Students shouted out guesses all at once while brave volunteers frantically scribbled up what their selected card read on a white board. With words such as “safari” and “Michael Phelps”, this was no easy game of Pictionary. The grade was split up into two teams, one on either side of the canteen. Both sides edged each other on to figure out what each volunteer was drawing the fastest. No winner emerged from this round, as competition was too tight.

Students began to connect as a class in an environment that was less intensive than the regular classroom setting. In previous years, spirit days had been between all grade levels. This time, it was a friendly competition between only eleventh graders. This was a much smaller setting, ultimately allowing the junior class to become more familiar with each other.