Freshman StuCo Elections

ISKL Freshman Stuco elections

iskl stucoThe freshman student council elections took place on the 24th of August in the Robert B. Gaw theater. The Class of 2020 gathered to listen to the speeches of 15 ambitious candidates. There were a variety of speeches: some were rushed, some were humorous, and some were confident. Although the audience were relatively reserved for most of the assembly, there were occasional cheers of encouragement for their friends. However, all candidates were supported, regardless of their relationship to their peers.

The results were posted on Thursday evening at around 5pm. Tehnish was delegated to be the president of the freshman Student Council, and the officers include Brandon, Avantika, Vu Nam, and Bilal. All candidates promised to represent the voice of the freshman class. Their speeches had a similar vein of professionalism and experience, which ultimately got them the vote from the student body.

The road ahead for the newly elected officers will not be an easy one, as they will have to transition from middle school to high school in their academic and personal lives, as well as learning the ropes of the high school student council. All the best to the freshmen and their council!