Good Vibes 2016

Good Vibes 2016 Banner photo

Good Vibes 2016 Banner photoCredits to All is Amazing photography

Good Vibes Festival 2016 kicked off on the 12th of August at The Ranch in Genting Highlands. This was the the festival’s first multiple-day event: with previous years only being one day long. Due to Genting’s location, approximately 30 miles north of Kuala Lumpur, the sky was sunny with slight winds–a perfect setting to dance and enjoy the music and food. The setlist was a blend of international and local talents, which people from all over the world flew in to see.

The two main stages were cleverly set up side to side, so that each act followed immediately after the previous, and festival-goers could easily watch every performer. For people who preferred not to enjoy the music directly in front of the stage, there were booths scattered around the perimeter of the festival, where it was still possible to hear the music. From local foods, to a Topshop/Topman picture booth with popsicles, and even a giant trampoline, there was an abundance of things to do. There was even a tented dance floor in the middle of the field to enjoy local DJs, including FlyFm’s Guibo.

The first day was full of festivity, as hundreds filed in to catch the first few local acts. Juno and Hanna, the sibling duo from Johor started the festival off with a bang. Some highlights of the night included the lead singer, Dougy, of The Temper Trap, breaking the fourth wall by jumping over the barrier to interact with the audience. Another highlight was the highly anticipated performance of Two Door Cinema Club, whose performance was abruptly cancelled three years ago at Urbanscapes Festival due to a member’s case of laryngitis. They promptly made up for it with a stellar performance, featuring Alex Trimble’s awe-inspiring falsetto vocals. The night was capped off with a raving DJ set by Mark Ronson. He is responsible for producing many chart toppers, such as “Uptown Funk” and Amy Winehouse’s final studio album, Back to Black. With a setlist featuring many hits from 2016, and blinding lights and theatrics, Ronson was able to get everyone off their phones and on their feet to dance the night away–or at least until 1:30am.

A clear sky and sunshine greeted the second day, Mutesite, Malaysia’s very own instrumental rock band, started off the line up. Jumero, +2DB, Froya, and Enterprise followed soon afterwards. Kuala Lumpur’s very own emerging rock band, Kyoto Protocol, preceded Ryan Hemsworth, a Canadian DJ, who specializes in bubbly electronic music and sampling. There were some opportunities for the audience to lay back and relax, as Alina Baraz crooned songs of her 2015 EP, Urban Flora. Tokyo Police Club rocked the crowd, and the sibling duo, Angus and Julia Stone took the stage with their soothing songs, and even a heartfelt and solemn rendition of Grease’s “You’re the One That I Want”. The English DJ duo, Disclosure, opened up their set with the hit, “When a Fire Starts to Burn” off their debut album, Settle. The rest of the night was riddled with songs from Settle and their sophomore album, Caracal. The audience was even lucky enough to feature on the duo’s Instagram video during the song, “Latch”. The night and the festival was topped off with Flume’s remix of Disclosure’s song, “You and Me”–an interesting choice, but a hit nonetheless.

Soon, the time came to part ways with the festival. As Disclosure’s performance closed, the crowd slowly dispersed, as new friends said goodbye to one another. Due to the relatively small size of the festival, it was easy to meet new people and cross paths with them throughout the two days–an intimacy that’s unlike other major music festivals such as Glastonbury or Coachella. Good Vibes proved to be a hit once again, and will hopefully be returning next year for another round.