Back to School Buzz

Popsical photo

Popsical photo

The 2016-2017 school year has ascended upon us, and with that come new and exciting prospects of how the year will progress. Especially with the first week being a steady reflection of how the year will go. The hallways are loud, and everyone is refreshed to come back to school to see their friends and go through another jam-packed year.

The new ninth graders have been heard buzzing about finally being in high school, asking each other questions about how high school works, what room their next class is in and how cool all of high school already is. “Surprisingly, 9th grade isn’t that different to 8th grade. I don’t have that much homework yet and I feel the same. The only really cool thing is that I can use my phone during school without getting in trouble.” Josh, ‘20, said. Being a freshman in this first week is an extremely exciting time.

Meanwhile, the seniors are reflecting on how the years have flown by and making the best of this next year is of the utmost importance. “I don’t feel like I’m a senior at all, it’s so strange to think that I’m finishing the IB and you know, normal school forever.” Jaan, ‘17, who has been at ISKL for three years now. “It’s scary that I have to apply to university and get ready to take big exams, while trying to make the most of the time I have left to hang out with my best friends, and people I might never see again.”

Although academics are definitely at the forefront of either the new high schoolers, the new IB students or those in their last year of school, this week has really been for making friends and finding out what this year has to offer.

With ISKL being an international school, there is a constant flow of people entering and leaving the community. Whether it be students, parents, teachers, or administration, moving to a new environment is a scary prospect no matter how old, and having to adjust to a new country vastly different from others is a culture shock all on its own.

To close the first week of school, the student council decided to hand out popsicles to all of high school as a celebration for really making it through the week. And with that, came great enthusiasm for a free cold treat in this tropical heat. Hopefully the new school year will be as exciting as many predict, hopefully less stressful, and very fun.