Leaving Teachers 2016


Mr. Petersen

Petersen, Richard

This year, ISKL is unfortunately losing one if its most inspirational figures–Mr. Petersen. There is no doubt amongst students that our vice principal cares about us. A lot. He somehow manages to know everyone by name, and has time to notice the little things. He has graced the halls of ISKL for a total of 12 years and sadly it is time to say goodbye. While he is “thrilled” to leave to Oman he expresses his love for Malaysia.  “A very strong image I have is bringing my kids to school with me with their scooters and then racing around this admin block on their scooters and just having a great time.” another one of his favourite moments here has been  “being down on the field when the boys rugby team won their first IASAS championship and my son got caught up in the moment as a tiny little boy.” needless to say a lot of his best memories are centered around family and this school. Surprisingly his first recommendation or “must-do” in Malaysia is “a bike ride around KL between 3:30 and 5:30 am” he then goes on to explain,  “I mean you can feel it , you can smell it… now it doesn’t always smell good. It doesn’t smell better at 3:30 in the morning than it does at 3 in the afternoon but it’s quiet and you get a different perspective on it.” Despite his strong influence and dedication to ISKL it is time for our vice principal to embark on a new journey to the Middle East. He is most looking forward to “Being with my family, I mean truly. Putting my kids to bed at night and waking them up in the morning. I haven’t done that in almost three years.” Goodbyes are hard but there is comfort in knowing that Mr.Petersen will be in the caring hands of family.

Mr. Charman

Andy CharmanKnown for his sarcastic remarks, Mr. Charman’s last four years have been a blast. During his time at ISKL, he has helped change the freshmen P.E. curriculum, coached basketball and rugby, and helped provide opportunities for students to explore hands on service in Malaysia Week and GAP trips. His favourite memory of Malaysia week was when he went to Ulu Perak in his first year and white water rafted with kids and his fellow teachers. However, coaching is his true passion. “Sadly this year I didn’t coach any basketball because my job fair was right in the middle of it, literally the week before IASAS. So I went and taught rugby again, I haven’t taught rugby in years. That was really good fun. Those rugby boys are really… amusing.” As he and his family prepare to move to GEMS World Academy in Dubai, Mr. Charman spoke about the must do’s everyone should experience while they are in KL. In addition to places like Susie’s corner and Batu caves, taking his kids to the zoo and the aquarium were a great memories of his. However, the experiences he has faced in KL have been much different to the eight years he spent in Egypt. “My issue with KL is that there’s no real history… especially having come from Egypt where you’ll fall over a rock in the road and it’s a five thousand year old temple. So really I think with KL you almost have to get out if it. You can go to beaches and fly out to places like Cambodia and Vietnam.” Looking ahead, Mr. Charman will be looking forward to being closer to family and being outside more without the haze and “muggy” weather. Having already been to Dubai many times for the Rugby 7’s, Mr. Charman is ready for his move. Good luck in your new adventure Mr. Charman!

Mr. Chisholm

Chisholm, William

Through the three years that Mr. Chisholm has been here, he has always filled the halls with laughter. His light heartedness and love for music has made him a value to the school’s music department, and community in general. He treats his students like he would his family, saying that “this bunch of kids are the nicest group I’ve had, hands down.” The April concert was his most memorable accomplishment. The music department put the jazz band, concert band, and the symphonic band together for the last piece. Actually, his favourite thing in Malaysia is infact, the music department of ISKL. Many remember him as the teacher who played and conducted a bunch of performances, all in the span of the 30-minute music slot of the assembly. His plans for the upcoming school year is to move back to Washington, where he’s looking forward to reuniting with his wife and son and eating fantastic Mexican food. We hope that you continue making music and encouraging students to find their passion for music in Washington, Mr. Chisholm!

Mrs. Fisher

Stephanie FisherThis year ISKL will lose one of its best french teachers! Mrs. Fisher will be moving on from this school in order to build a home for her family in Texas. She has been here a whopping nine years and thus will miss Malaysia very much–especially ISKL. “I’ve enjoyed the fact that it’s international. I think I’ll miss that the most because in my new school it is not going to be that international. So I like meeting people from different areas and different places.” Mrs. Fisher embraces the internationality in part because she is a “third culture kid” herself. She has lived overseas her whole life, infact she mentions: “I actually graduated from ISM so I used to participate in IASAS, I knew this school in the 80’s.” While in ISM Stephanie Fisher developed a deep love for swimming. “A group of us actually got selected to swim at the Junior Olympics; when I was in 11th grade, there were four of us who went and swam in the Junior Olympics in Japan and then after that I loved swimming. I used to train for five hours a day everyday. I used to swim in the morning, go to school, swim in the afternoon.” she passes on this love to her children who prove to be very athletic. Not only will ISKL lose a talented french teachers, former French national team swimmer, and a caring mother.

Mr. Merry

YB3_1940Mr. Merry will be leaving the ISKL community to move back to Melbourne, Australia, at the end of the school year, where he’ll be taking with him the many memories he has made in his two years at the school. While having participated in so many memorable activities, GAP will be one he will never forget. His two trips that he went on were both to Thailand, visiting Krabi this year to work on his rock climbing skills. Along with rock climbing, he particularly enjoys skiing, having visited a few places in Europe and Japan, excitedly saying that they “were pretty amazing experiences.” While in Melbourne, he’ll be teaching outdoor education, rather than being in the classroom, which sounds like an exciting change of scenery. However, he notes that, like many, he is a fan of Malaysian food and the diverse options the city, in particular, offers. Mamak stall offering Roti Canai, to the fancy rooftop restaurants looking out on the big city and bright lights. ISKL will truly miss Mr. Merry and wish him all the best for the future.

Mrs. Lee

Lee, Shan IShe is known by most at ISKL as a math teacher, yet there is so much more to Shan-I Lee. Although it may seem like teachers spend all their time on education, they often surprise us with their interesting life out of school. Mrs. Lee is one of these cases coming all the way from Ghana! She has spent three great years in ISKL,highlights being: “GAP trips are fantastic as well as the H4H trips.”Malaysia has been kind to this teacher and she definitely recommends “the bird park, so like running around there, and just being outdoors.” However it is time for a change of scenery and thus she is off to New Zealand– her homeland. Strangely enough Mrs. Lee is most looking forward to “walking on carpet. I know it sounds really strange but it’s the little things like that.” Mrs. Lee hasn’t stayed in one place too long, but is excited to start this new chapter of her life. After having moved around from New Zealand to Ghana and finally to Malaysia it is time to make the full circle back to her roots. She has learned along the journey and experienced “ lots of music” in west Africa. Needless to say this adventurous teacher will be missed, it is comforting to know however that when she leaves she will also be “closer to friends and family.”

Ms. LaGrow

After going to several international schools across the globe for the past 6 years, Ms. LaGrow has decided that she is going to go to another, this time within the United States. She has been at ISKL for only 2 years, but has found it to be a lovable experience. Before moving here she was at the International school of Beijing, where she was exposed to the bad air pollution in China. In order to avoid this and still stay in the region, she opted to come to Malaysia. Her top most memorable aspects of ISKL would be the assemblies within which students get to showcase their talents and take on leadership roles, and the friendliness of the students. “It’s really nice to see students kind of coming into their own and see their talents on display,” she says. When it comes to Malaysia itself, she loves the food. “I really love Thai and Indian food so I’d probably eat that slightly more than Malaysia food,” she admits, though goes on to voice Nasi Lemak as being a notable dish. Ms. LaGrow’s top things to do in KL would be to: sample the food, visit the Petronas Towers as well as the Batu Caves. Now after her two years here, she is about to go back to the United States. Her family and friends reside there and she can’t wait to go back, though there are several things she will miss including the diverse food Malaysia has to offer. She is heading to another international school, which is something hard to come by in that region. “It’s a great opportunity to stay with international students,” she says appreciatively.

Mrs. McNulty

McNulty, GretchenAs the middle school and high school curriculum coordinator for the past four years, Mrs. McNulty has provided endless opportunities for the ISKL community. Even though her job keeps her busy throughout the day, she always seems to find time in between working with the  principals and department leaders to get to know her students better.  “I’ve been a TEDx advisor, a Harvard Model UN advisor, and a StuCo advisor”. Her bubbly personality showed as she laughed about the memories she’s had with these events and the students who made it possible. The lip sync battle this year has proved to be her most memorable event hosted by ISKL. She saw the student council grow and continue to work hard to provide spirit to their peers. “It was just a moment where everyone at the school was happy together, celebrating and just having the best vibes ever. So that’s a great sand out for me and a way that I will remember this school”. Other stand outs have been experiencing different parts of K.L. She described  seeing the splashing fountains at KLCC, eating delicious food at Peter Ho’s and walking around Jalan Alor as must-dos of Kuala Lumpur. One activity that she wholeheartedly recommends is jogging around Taman Tar because “ it’s one of the precious few places where you have a good sidewalk and a lot of green and yeah, not too much exhaust”. Unfortunately, Mrs. McNulty is moving to Falmouth, Maine but will hopefully be coming back to Asia in the near future! As much as she loves living in Asia, she will be looking forward to seeing her family more often and seeing her granddaughter. We hope that she has a great time in Maine and continues to create more amazing opportunities for her new school!

Mr. Kiernan

bredann Kiernan

Mr. Kiernan is the school psychologist and has been at ISKL for the past 5 years. Prior to Kuala Lumpur, he and his family were in Juneau, Alaska. They retired from the Juneau school district and decided that they wanted to travel. Having had friends within the Southeast Asia region, they started to look for jobs overseas. “Kuala Lumpur was a perfect fit,” he remarks. After the interview with the school, they were hired the very next day. “We’ve loved it, it’s been fascinating,” he says with a broad grin, reflecting on his time here. There were too many favourite memories at ISKl to pick from, but Mr Brendon has loved most aspects of it. “We love the people, high level of professionalism, great collaboration and collegiality. We’ve of course loved to travel in this part of the world,” he reflects. With his daughter, Katie, being in middle school and about to graduate, they have decided to go on another adventure and move. “You know, we’re ready for some change. 5 years has been wonderful but we’re ready for something new and exciting,” he says nodding at the near future. When asked what the best thing to do within KL would be, he burst out laughing, saying “Get airline reservation and travel!” He goes on to explain KL’s advantageous location for traveling in this part of the world. “From Australia to Nepal up through southeast Asia. That’s one of the golden pieces of Kuala Lumpur,” he says. “Plus, Kuala Lumpur is fascinating because it’s such an international city.” His favourite place within KL would be the Sao Nam Vietnamese restaurant. He comments on the incredible shopping and dining opportunities as well. He and his family are going back to the United States but can’t be sure to which region. There is also a possibility that they might be returning to Juneau, Alaska. When asked what he would be looking forward to the most, he quite quaintly responded, “Fresh air and four seasons.”

Mrs. Plouffe

Mrs. Plouffe will be leaving ISKL to move to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam where she will take a break from teaching to spend time on her hobbies, while continuing to tutor IB Korean. With her happy attitude towards everything, she laughed as she admitted she won’t miss the haze, which we hope she will not have to experience again. Her favourite memory of ISKL is GAP where she says that “it was the most extraordinary experience.” Mrs. Plouffe is looking forward to the food in Vietnam, as well as visiting the many cafes, museums and galleries. ISKL will miss her dearly and wish her all the best in the future.

Mr. Fisher

Fisher, DavidThe social studies department would not be what is without Mr. Fisher, the dynamics between the teachers has made the department an invaluable part of the school. Mr. Fisher has made students feel passionately about real world issues over the years and made them want to learn more. He says that he cannot “pinpoint an exact memory, but the highlights are probably going on IASAS trips with Mr. Martin and the MUN group,” which those who were apart of the group often say are their favourite memories of their high school experience too. His exciting approach to teaching leaves everyone in the room motivated to do their best inside and out of the classroom. Mr. Fisher has obviously been a valuable part of the ISKL community that many will miss. Moving to Dallas, Texas will be a completely new change of environment for him, where he says that he’ll miss the food, and surprisingly, the chaos of Kuala Lumpur, which he describes as “a manageable chaos but it’s a pleasant one.” He is excited for, however, a change of scene and the ISKL community wishes Mr. Fisher and his family all the best in the next chapter of their lives.

Ms. Meininger

Ms. Meininger is one of the most musically, and personally, inspirational people to walk into the music department, to many students and teachers alike. Without her, none of the shows or concerts would be nearly as successful as it is. Being here for four years, Ms. Meininger has has had such a positive impact on the community, inspiring students to enjoy music and being an adult that many trust for advice. She’s moving to Hong Kong to teach middle school music, so that she has more time to focus on her personal life instead of having to juggle a crazy busy schedule here, at ISKL. Places in KL that she would recommend to anyone to visit is the bird park, she says “I really like the bird park a lot, i take all my visitors to the bird park. Go feed the parrots!” Ms. Meininger is one of the most dedicated people, many a time she is on campus until 8PM doing work, and everyone in the music department is going to miss her and it won’t be the same without her.