Child vs. Wild at ISKL


A new freshman class has been catching the interest of all the students and teachers that see it. This class has students braiding paracord bracelets, building shelters out of bamboo, and most recently, cleaning fish and cooking them over an open flame. For this latest assignment, students are asked to pair up. Mr. Hutterd, the teacher of this course, then hands out the objects of the next lesson. Fresh Fish.

The shrieks of ninth grade girls and the laughing of the boys provides an interesting backdrop to the knife wielding class. Don’t worry, this is all under the close supervision of the teacher. While the majority of the class is in charge of cleaning and gutting the fish,  a few students sit huddled around a tin pan to create man’s primal companion: fire. Given simple supplies such as popsicle sticks, newspaper, bamboo, and a knife, the freshmen are left mostly on their own to make the heat that will cook the fish. After many futile attempts, the students put their heads together and slowed down to think. With a couple of little suggestions from a helpful Take writer, they got the newspaper to catch fire from the match held to its corner. Just in time, too.

The students in charge of preparing the breakfast have not been idle as the fire was being made. They were going through the process of making the fish ready to eat. At the instruction of Mr. Hutterd, the students started off by de-scaling the fish. Next, the kids inserted their knives into the fish and started to clean out the innards. After chopping off the heads and filleting the fish, it was time to make the cooking instruments. Aluminum foil was used to create mini boat like shapes that were just bigger than the fish. Lemon juice was squeezed on top, along with a little salt and pepper. After covering the fish completely in the foil, it was set into the fire. A few minutes later and the students had their breakfast!


Breaking open the foil packets was an exciting moment for these ametuer survivalists. They fell upon the fish with vigor that can only come from hungry teenagers. While enjoying a well-deserved meal, some of the students began to reminisce over past assignments and the humorous memories associated with them. Hannah, Juliet, and Anastasia recalled going to the cemetery that borders the campus and clearing out some bamboo. This was then used to create a shelter that was tested in a unique way. Barely able to contain laughter, the girls recounted how Mr. Hutterd tested the structure by making the students sit in them. Then he threw a bucket of water over the primitive abode to test its waterproofing. Needless to say, most of the students got wet. Other projects have included making functional spears for emergency situations. More practically, they learned how to braid paracord bracelets, so that rope would never be too far away.

A brief walk through the decks reveals that a large amount of students wish to participate in this class. Unfortunately, this class is only open for freshmen, but hopes are high that this will become a staple class at ISKL.