Short People Problems

Yes, you’ve read that right. No matter where you go, there are countless short people living amongst you. You’ve probably heard the constant ranting about all of the issues the vertically challenged face. You may think that they are just over exaggerating, but “shorty” problems are vast.  

  1. One of your steps are equal to three of mine:

This may not be something many tall people think is an enormous problem (pun intended). As you casually stroll to find your favorite store, your smaller friend is walking so fast they are practically jogging to keep up. “Whenever I’m hanging out with friends, I’m always asked to slow down… but it’s my normal pace!” (Omar T. ‘18)  As a huge smile appears on faces like Omar’s when they reach their favorite store, their other friends are too busy gasping for air to even look at whatever he’s running over to.

  1. Trying to copy the demonstration on the board or watching a concert can prove difficult:

Have you ever been in a class where someone’s head is in the way of the whiteboard? This is what your short statured peers face everyday. After paying RM 800, a lot of shorties are stuck having to watch the back of the random person in front of them instead of their favorite band. “People jump to the beat, I jump on the alternate… maybe I have a chance at seeing that way” (Maya N. ‘16).   

  1. Reaching the pull up bar is impossible:

Picture this… you’re at the gym and you’re trying to look just as tough as your fellow sasquatches pulling weights. You confidently walk up to the pull up bar ready to show off your muscles, when you realize you can’t reach it… even if you jump. “I’m already tired from working out, jumping up to reach the bar is not a fun time… being short at the gym is hard”. (Vic A.‘16) Thank goodness ISKL has one of those blue step up blocks to save the fun sized high schoolers from being carried.

  1. Is this really how you see the world?

Yes. This really is how they see the world. Please do not humor the idea by standing on your knees or crouching down to their height. That’s like asking someone with glasses how many fingers you’re holding up as you wave your hand right in front of their face. If you’re curious, “The view is better closer to the ground”, (Conrad G. ‘16) .

  1. Resourceful Grocery Visits:

On the other hand, sometimes they just need their taller friends to get things for them. Fun sized people have learnt to be resourceful when trying to reach items like adult cereal from the highest shelf on the grocery store. “I’m a great climber since I’m always climbing shelves to get stuff”, (Nathaly Y. ‘17) However, even if they stand in the grocery cart or on the lower shelves, they still can’t reach past the lucky charm cereals. Next time you see a short person in need to reach an item, land a helping hand… or arm.