Lip Sync Battle 2016

On the 18th of March 2016, an epic battle of the bands took place in the Robert B. Gaw Theater. It was far from being an ordinary competition, teachers went head to head with their beloved students in an all out war to claim the title of “ISKL’s Lip-Sync Champion.”  The assembly marked ISKL’s first ever Lip-Sync battle, an event that would put Americas Got Talent and shows alike to shame. The competition was no trivial matter; participants of various ages took part and well, “sang” their hearts out. Both students and faculty members left their mark on the stage, with songs that transcend both time and generations, bringing the audience to their feet.


ISKL’s very own Slim Shady (Andrew Cox) kicked off the event, as the master of ceremony. The audiences cheered and roared with excitement as the first contestant of the evening was announced. Freshman year took the stage with confidence, shocking upper classman and faculty members alike. “Uptown funk” brought both laughter and excitement, the young lad effortlessly glided across the stage. The bar was set quite high from the very beginning; the following performance only brought it up higher. Mr. Johnson brought the audience to tears with his beautiful rendition of “I who have nothing”, originally sung by Ben E. King. His emotions truly portrayed the essence of the song, which resulted in him bagging the prize for the best performance by a faculty member.  Clearly sophomores weren’t at all fazed by the past performances, both charmingly and almost comedic, the mismatched trio captured the hearts of the audience with their vivacious dancing and fervent facial expressions. The audience returns the favor by voting in favor of them for the best student performance.


The take magazine also took part as the sophomore representative; the audience members were all smiles as they clapped along to the jazzy tunes and funky rhythms.  Despite last minute preparation they managed to pull through and choreograph a dance that would “take” time to process. The five perms rocked classic dance moves written on large papers to be displayed to the audience. They shocked with their confidence, and willingness to do anything…anything, to win.

The-GirlsThe lip-syncing challenge was a smashing success that left students grinning all the way home. At times the audience got up from their chairs in excitement. The performances were: simply put, amazing. Students and teachers truly embodied the spirit of ISKL. The winners were a formality for truly everyone on that stage-deserved applause for their spectacular, possibly embarrassing performances.