IASAS Forensics; Results, New Friendships and Overview

A number of delegates didn’t even have to travel! Andrew ‘16, Nishanth ‘16, Sonja ‘16, Nicholas ‘16, Stan ‘17,Stephanie ‘17, Kris ‘18, Zarina ‘16, Lily ‘17, Katherine ‘16, Valentina ‘18, Gloria’16, Urvasi ‘17, Safa ‘16 and Alexis ‘18 had prepared for months to take the home stage, podium, or panel. This is without mentioning the number of door guards, timers and judges, made up of ISKL students, parents, and outside contributors.

Debate in itself seems to be a separate entity to forensics all together. Many forensics events happen to be individual endeavors, but with debate, you have two peers by your side to bounce arguments off . The all senior team of Nish, Sonja and Nick managed to win their semi-final match to go through to the final, and they continued on to achieve second place!

Zarina, Oral Interpretation extraordinaire opened ISKL’s IASAS pep rally by showcasing her hilarious interpretation of a young girl’s half birthday, which also turns out to be the day her bird(whom she has had since she was 3) ‘Sweetpea’ decides to die. Among the chaos of the story, Zarina showcased a variety of different speaking voices, and her range was phenomenal. ISKL couldn’t be more proud that she went on to receive gold for this event. The TAKE’s very own editor Safa also made it into the finals for OI, and she performed an exciting, witty and gritty excerpt from Toni Morrisson’s Sula. Overall, the results were exceptional.

Original Oratory finals were just as nail biting and close. Kris through a moving and poignant speech achieved second place, something to be extremely proud of, as it takes originality, bravery and the ability to think on one’s feet to even be successful at OO at entry level.

The final event of the last day of Forensics was Impromptu, where to familiar ISKL faces made it to the finals. Zarina and Kris. They just won’t quit! Unfortunately they didn’t make it into the top three, but nonetheless, it was a valiant effort.


ISKL is overwhelmingly proud of its delegates, both from home and away. New friendships were forged with our IASAS sister schools, some that may never be forgotten. Lily housed Justin Rhee of TAS, who went on to win extemporaneous speaking, and garnered a silver in impromptu. “Well, basically, there are 6 people in each round, so what would often happen is you will stay and watch your round. And for OI especially you would talk about your piece and where you were from, and you get to see what other people are working on and it really helps to build camaraderie.” She says.

All in all, ISKL was so very successful, achieving new goals, reaching unimaginable heights. When it comes down to the wire, time and time again ISKL students prove themselves as having the gall to do it all. Forensics offered a myriad of events, akin to a track & field IASAS, but instead of running their legs, they run their mouths in the best way possible. Congratulations to all forensics participants. We are immensely proud of you.