The Parents of IASAS

Since the minute you entered the world, you’ve probably had somebody watching out for you, encouraging you, picking you up when you’re down; literally and figuratively. No, this isn’t your stalker, though it may feel like it at times. These people are your parents!

Throughout the IASAS weekend, there were examples of parents supporting their children. TAS mums with shirts screaming “TIGER MUM,” The shouts of joy and agony as teams scored or failed to make a rebound. Everybody saw the teams go out every game and give it their all, but there were also aided people who sat on the sidelines, cheering their teams on: the IASAS parents. A number of parents from each school came as cheerleaders for their respective teams, roaring on the sidelines as their kids played on the court. You may have only seen them at the games this weekend, but these parents have been supporting their IASAS children for every game.

Many parents made their way to KL to watch their kids play and cheer on their home teams.

While you just saw them this past weekend, these parents have been there from day one supporting and giving encouragement to their athletes. “We’ve been there since the start, just trying to give our kids positive support as they go out there and compete,” one SAS parent had to say. Whether it was bringing drinks, food, or just coming to the game for positive encouragement, the IASAS parents have been a loyal group dedicated to seeing their kids improve. Many parents claimed they came just because they love to see their kids compete, taking time out of their weekends to watch their child work hard and improve. “I guess you could call us their cheerleaders.”

People who attended the games can still hear the chants from the different schools. One of the most well known chants for those who watched the game was the Taipei chant, booming into our ears from the megaphone they brought along. “That was probably one of the most memorable chants there were during the tournament. Everyone knew if they started that chant, TAS just scored.” An ISM parent stated. That chant was etched into the memory of the people who attended as “That chant that one Tiger Dad started whenever their team did something.” However, that wasn’t the only way parents showed support for their kids. Every team had chants and cheers ready to help motivate the players. Whether it was a simple “Defense” chant, or the hometown crowd shouting “This is our house!” they certainly helped make this IASAS weekend a memorable one.

While the parents enjoy traveling and watching their children play, the athletes also greatly appreciate the support they get from their parents. One of the players from ISB was very grateful the parents were able to make it. “It gets hard playing and competing, especially when you’re not playing in your own school, and so when you have your parents and other people from your school there to support you, it really helps us play harder.” Having people cheer you on can help tremendously. “You saw how many people came out for the ISKL games. It really helps when you have all those people cheering you on.”

Parents are an integral part of IASAS. Having them make their way out to different schools to support their kids and their teams is always a great part of IASAS. Even when they don’t have to travel, parents always find a way to support their kids and help them compete to their fullest. Many parents say they just love to see their children play, but the athletes benefit greatly from them being there and cheering them on. It’s one of the reasons these IASAS tournaments are always so great.