ISKL Sixth Grader Works to Help Refugees

A sixth grader at ISKL is working to change the world through the power of her songs. Bella is a singer/songwriter that has been writing songs that impact her personally. Her newest focus is the Zotung Refugees here in Malaysia. She was deeply moved by her experience working with a refugee group that visited her school. This prompted her and her mother to start volunteering outside of the program in order to help these refugees. One of the clever ways that she decided to help out the students was to also do something that she loved. She wrote them a song.

        Her song “Handcuffs” is a moving tribute that is designed to raise awareness of the refugee issues. More than that, it’s a fundraising campaign that aims to raise money for the school, to date she has raised 1600 RM. Bella was moved to do this when she started interacting with the kids. Her first experience with the school group was when they went to the refugee school. Later, Bella started going with her mother to volunteer and donate.  She started making friends and wondered how she could make a difference. All the money that is raised by the song, and through donations, goes toward the education that the school provides. Bella also says, “…outside of donating, people could also visit the refugees. They do these sessions where they let people teach them. You can give toys and books and stuff, because the school doesn’t have all that.”

        Bella’s composure on camera is astonishing. Eleven at the time, Bella wrote the song and then performed it like a professional with the production help of Mrs. Hutterd and a few of her students. Everyone who watches the video can see how comfortable she is. This is made even more impressive by the fact that she’s been playing the guitar for only two years. However, she has been singing from the moment she was able. Struck from an early age with a passion for helping people, Bella has honed her talents by making songs for people that inspire her. She has sung about her friends, family, and others that she feels some sort of passion for. After asking Bella about what comes next, she replies, “My family is going to continue visiting them and I’m going to stay in any school thing with them and we’ll keep donating.”

        The Zotung Refugee School is her main focus, but she also writes music to support other issues, such as her upcoming song that will premier on March 24th at the Middle School Pop Recital about the children in the cancer ward at hospitals. The entire ISKL community will be watching Bella Shand to see what she comes up with next.

If you’d like to see her song “Handcuffs” and donate, go to this link:

All proceeds goes towards helping the Zotung Refugees School.